Month: March 2012

The Raid

the raid….banyak yang menyanjung film ini, well sebagai penikmat film awam, the raid adalah film yg mengutamakan aksi2 laga,presisi gerakan serta kekuatan fisik para pemainnya…hal2 tersebut dikemas dengan sangat bagus dan mengagumkan, salut buat para pemain dan semua krunya….

namun tidak bisa dipungkiri, alur cerita yang disuguhkan sangat dangkal dan bahkan tidak ada yang spesial, hampir sama dengan film “merantau” yang diperankan oleh aktor yang sama, bahkan menurut saya, merantau lebih bagus secara alur cerita dan tidak kalah aksi2 laganya dengan the raid…

selain itu, sejak awal film diputar, kalau tidak salah, tidak ada peringatan bahwa film tersebut mengandung kekerasan, darah dan kebrutalan (meskipun hanya dalam film), padahal banyak sekali anak2 dibawah umur yang menikmati film tersebut, mungkin kedepannya flm2 dengan genre seperti itu bisa dikasih label untuk dewasa/parental advisory hweheheheh (just a thought)…

last but not least, perlu juga saya memberikan apresiasi yang sebesar-besarnya atas gemilangnya pencapaian dari film ini, semoga kedepannya film2 indonesia dapat juga bersaing di dunia n probably masuk jajaran film box office….


pencinta film….


caution: Vacation’ Checklist

the good thing about taking a vacation is an awesome feeling when you aoke up in the morning and knowing in couple of hours u’ll be in someother places to enjoy ur days/weeks….
here are some tips for preparing your trips, please remember rules in vacation, small things are matter!
your check list:
  • Passports and Visa – please check the expiration date two months before your trip
  • Vaccinations – prepare all medication you need during the trips
  • Travel reservations Hotel & airplane tickets – please bring along the confirmation paper
  • Travel insurance and driver’s license
  • Money or foreign currency (cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards) 
  • Turn off all electric device at home/apartment and make sure you lock your home before leaving
  • Personal stuff: shirts, pants, dresses, hats, coats, sweaters, underwear, socks etc
  • toiletries, cosmetics, shaving needs, deodorant, shampoo
  • dental floss, toothbrush, nail clippers, nail file
  • contact lens preparations
  • camera, batteries, recharger, voltage converter, small flashlight, travel alarm clock, hair drier
  • swimming suit, beach towels, sun block cream
  • slippers
  • Cell phone and charger


those things are the most needed stuff during your trips or away from home, the simplest way to pack your stuff without missing something is by start to pack from bathrom stuff….

well have a nice trip….the vacation season is about to come!!

Oath for My Wife

my oath for you….

I’m Herry, take you… Yulia as my companion forever…
With you by my side…I will never be alone….
Though the world sees a strong and independent woman…
I’ve never known someone with some gentle grace and more pure of heart…
When I’ve been lost, you’re always been there to bring me back…
So, on this day… at this moment…
I pledge the rest of my life to you…
You’ve always believed in me…and I believe in you…
And when you believe in someone….
It’s not for a minute or just for now…
Its forever…
You’re my best friend… You’re my home…You’re my true love…




Basic Debating Techniques for Newbees

When you stand in front of panel of adjudicators…lots of things flashing in your brains of “what if”….what if I do wrong, what if I put some loophole in my team case, what if I dont know what to say during my speech, etc… Well here I wanna share my experience of how to deal with such things….
First of all, u need to be structured! No compromise in this part,because this is the fundamental of good debate. You can start with telling the audience of the current condition or ideal condition related to the motion. Addressing the issue and pointing out some weaknesses of the current situation will be a good way to bridging your openings to your case. Once you manage to do that, mentioning your theme line and team split will have to come first, then you can continue with elaborating the motion in terms of define the motions, parameter, limitation,burden of proof and mechanism (if any), then you may start your arguments. Please remember, after finishing your arguments, do not forget to restate it again to sum up what you have been mentioned earlier.
Beside those technicalities, please aware that manner does matter! Debate with good manner will certainly helps you to build a connection to audience n jurors.
Last but not least, a wise man says “practice makes perfect” but “nobody perfect” so why bother practicing? It turns out the wise man,not so wise at all..practice doesnt make someone becoming perfect, but it does make someone better than he/she used to be, so practice, practice and practice! No one will expect you to have an awesome performance at ur first, second, or even on your first 20 debates! My advise is, dont try to impress other, but try to break your limitation n fly high!
Happy debating!

Herry Kent- 3rd Speaker Specialist hwhehhehe

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My First Debate

I joined english debating society on 2005, while I spent my first 2.5year having fun at my uni…I must say its bit late for me to join the debate club. I always think joining debate would be awesome! But I dont hv the guts to join.
Well luckily I have some freaks fren that always ask me to come to the practice, iat first I always reject it coz I’m affraid I dont hv the ability to do so, but after months of asking me to join the club I do hv my guts to come…
At that time the debate club only have 2active member+me so they’re 3of us, and guess wht they ask me one-on-one debate to my fren who already experience with austral system, so 1 speaker did 3roles…
It was crazy, I dont even know how to debate,but screw the rules I just jump in to the debate…it was fun! I use all my brain’ energy to brainstorm the motion, and finally I just manage to speak 5-6mins out of 7mins n 20secs available…
I lost on my first debate, but thts the stand point where I do realize I hate the feeling of being a loser n at the same time I also realize tht I love becoming the center of attention….
Soon after my first debate, I just teamed up for JOVED, IVED, and ALSA my best achievement is breaks into quarters…still I hate the feeling of loosing a game. Finally the time has come for me to win the debate competition, it was a regional competition hosted by UNY, the final rounds was UII vs UGM and I won! Its just a small competition but I was so happy!
Lots of things came across me as I joined the club…friendships…adrenaline pump…laughs…dissapointment, etc
My advise for newbees…please dont be afraid to take ur chance to debate, its human actually to be afraid, but deep down I believe u know u hv to try, the feeling of intensive discussion during casebuilding with ur teammate, the adrenalline of 1st minutes of ur speech, and the amazing feeling of listening to judges’ verbal adjudication….its worth to try!
Debate is not exclusive! Debate is fun! Soo enjoy debating mate!

Just an average reasonable person who loves to debate….

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Manajemen Kepegawaian PNS

Banyak kritik pedas mengarah ke perilaku dan kinerja dari pns. Mulai dari rekening gendut sampai image dari pns yang pemalas dan tingginya potensi praktek KKN disetiap pekerjaannya.
Reformasi PNS dimulai dengan moratorium penerimaan PNS yang sedang dijalankan, namun daerah masih dapat mengajukan penerimaan PNS untuk pos Pengajar dan Tenaga Medis. Diharapkan dengan adanya moratorium ini, struktur PNS akan semakin ramping dan kedepannya dapat dibenahi mengenai Tupoksi dari masing2 Dinas/Badan di lingkungan pemerintah provinsi/daerah.
Pemerintah juga sedang menggodok proses rekrutmen PNS menjadi lebih transparan dan menganut asas “right man on the right place”. Rekrutmen PNS akan dibuat lebih spesifik, tidak penerimaan secara massal lagi, sehingga tingkat kompetensi dan kemampuan CPNS dapat memenuhi standar yang telah ditetapkan.
Penggajian PNS juga akan dibuat sesuai volume pekerjaan dari PNS ybs. Jabatan kepala bidang program di di badan kepegawaian daerah misalnya, akan memiliki gaji lebih kecil dibandingkan kepala bidang program di PU yg notabene memiliki load kerja yg lebih padat.
Diharapkan dengan beberapa rencana reformasi birokasi ini dapat segera terwujud dan image PNS yang negatif dimata masyarakat bisa pelan2 dapat dirubah dengan menunjukan kinerja dan outcome pekerjaan yang bagus serta akuntabel.

Penulis adalah Pejabat Fungsional di Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Daerah

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