Basic Debating Techniques for Newbees

When you stand in front of panel of adjudicators…lots of things flashing in your brains of “what if”….what if I do wrong, what if I put some loophole in my team case, what if I dont know what to say during my speech, etc… Well here I wanna share my experience of how to deal with such things….
First of all, u need to be structured! No compromise in this part,because this is the fundamental of good debate. You can start with telling the audience of the current condition or ideal condition related to the motion. Addressing the issue and pointing out some weaknesses of the current situation will be a good way to bridging your openings to your case. Once you manage to do that, mentioning your theme line and team split will have to come first, then you can continue with elaborating the motion in terms of define the motions, parameter, limitation,burden of proof and mechanism (if any), then you may start your arguments. Please remember, after finishing your arguments, do not forget to restate it again to sum up what you have been mentioned earlier.
Beside those technicalities, please aware that manner does matter! Debate with good manner will certainly helps you to build a connection to audience n jurors.
Last but not least, a wise man says “practice makes perfect” but “nobody perfect” so why bother practicing? It turns out the wise man,not so wise at all..practice doesnt make someone becoming perfect, but it does make someone better than he/she used to be, so practice, practice and practice! No one will expect you to have an awesome performance at ur first, second, or even on your first 20 debates! My advise is, dont try to impress other, but try to break your limitation n fly high!
Happy debating!

Herry Kent- 3rd Speaker Specialist hwhehhehe

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  1. Wow, sir. That’s so great.
    “Don’t try to impress other, but try to break your limitation and fly high.”
    But, i don’t know how to debate, sir. I am a newbie.
    Meanwhile, i want to be a great debater. What should i do ?

      1. Sir, I just followed a debate competition, we were defeated in semifinal. Of course, I felt so bad. We were trying, so hard. Thanks Sir for your suggests to be a humble debater, and always keep practising. Thanks for it. I won as the best speaker. I know that, there was not just about the contest but also about how much you believe in your self. Self confidence is the first, before matter, manner, and method. I think, that was the real debate competition, I’ve ever known. I think, that’s a great performance in my first debate. However, we lose. Hope can following the other competition. And I hope you’ll read this.

        1. I lost in my first debate, Sir…
          Well, now I realized, that, that’s not good thing to be a loser, but debate is still really fun. I love it so much, I stood for 5 minute 27 minutes, or more in my first speech. That’s alright. But, actually, that was not just about me, but also the team..

          1. its never pleasant to lose, but a loser is the one who gave up after got knocked out…but debate is not always about winning, its all about opening ur perspective about something and ready to accept it by the time ur arguments are outsmart by ur opponent… meanwhile congratz for becoming a semifinalist its a big achievement for a newbie! keep the spirit!

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