caution: Vacation’ Checklist

the good thing about taking a vacation is an awesome feeling when you aoke up in the morning and knowing in couple of hours u’ll be in someother places to enjoy ur days/weeks….
here are some tips for preparing your trips, please remember rules in vacation, small things are matter!
your check list:
  • Passports and Visa – please check the expiration date two months before your trip
  • Vaccinations – prepare all medication you need during the trips
  • Travel reservations Hotel & airplane tickets – please bring along the confirmation paper
  • Travel insurance and driver’s license
  • Money or foreign currency (cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards) 
  • Turn off all electric device at home/apartment and make sure you lock your home before leaving
  • Personal stuff: shirts, pants, dresses, hats, coats, sweaters, underwear, socks etc
  • toiletries, cosmetics, shaving needs, deodorant, shampoo
  • dental floss, toothbrush, nail clippers, nail file
  • contact lens preparations
  • camera, batteries, recharger, voltage converter, small flashlight, travel alarm clock, hair drier
  • swimming suit, beach towels, sun block cream
  • slippers
  • Cell phone and charger


those things are the most needed stuff during your trips or away from home, the simplest way to pack your stuff without missing something is by start to pack from bathrom stuff….

well have a nice trip….the vacation season is about to come!!


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