Integrated Marketing Communication

In this short writing, I would like to analyze about the Integrated marketing communication (IMC) and the five communication effect regarding the advertisement of Famous sports brand such as Nike and Adidas and how they compete especially in Football. To integrate means to make whole or complete by adding or bringing together parts, IMC therefore means adding or bringing together various techniques for advertising and promoting product or services to buyer. The word bringing together part of definition interprets as referring to the need for centrally integrating the various advertising communications and promotion activities to reinforce the brand’s positioning.

There are 3 main questions in IMC strategy as follows:
1. Which are the best and most efficient advertising communications and promotions media to use in combination to achieve the brand’s communication objectives?
2. How can each advertising communication activity and promotion activity’s message are made synergistically consistent with the brand’s positioning?
3. At what points in the marketing channel should advertising communications reach buyers and perhaps speed up the decision in favor of brand?

Five communication effects are the Category Need, Brand Awareness, Brand Attitude, Brand Purchase Intention and purchase facilitation. Communication effects are relatively enduring mental association, connected to the brand, in the prospective of the buyer’s mind, which are necessary to create the brand position and predispose action. One again it is helpful to regard the five communication effects as a series of five mental bins.

If we look toward the famous brand like Nike and Adidas, we will find a great strong feeling about the brands, in form of the quality, prestige, and of course the massive price we should pay for it. Both brands have strong brand awareness toward the users, because of the great promotion done by them.
Nike and Adidas expand their market by a gorgeous marketing strategy; they expand the market by penetrating the football area. Nike and Adidas compete each other and always try to innovate their product by introducing new technology and of course expanding their promotion and advertising. We can see in the television how Nike and Adidas using almost similar strategy; using model especially a famous football player in promoting its product. It has been proven that this kind of promotion both brand have successfully creating brand image and brand awareness among people. Media also has a great role in the promotion, especially audio visual means such as television. The combination of using famous football player, electronic media and very unique and tremendous advertisement have result a loyal customer of both brands.

The next question is that how the advertising and promotion are made and consistent with the brand positioning. As we know the brands is already famous and reach its peak level of performance for the past few years and the advertisement was made by involving famous role model- in this case is football player, and using high technology of computer. For example Nike advertisement shows that football players have a mission to get gold ball in museum that being protect by high tech robots. In the ads, the football player show great techniques of ball handling and the computer makes a great computer effect to support their action. By this example I conclude that the ads are trying to invite the customer to see and feel how gorgeous the effect of using Nike shoes and this ad is very success to invite more and more customer to buy and be loyal to the brands.

Finally the last question that should be answered is about at what points in the marketing channel should advertising communications reach buyers and perhaps speed up the decision in favor of brand. As I explained before both Nike and Adidas use Audio Visual media channel, such as Television and famous role model to attract the customer. Since the brands are already famous, the producer objective is maintaining the loyal customer and inviting more customers, not creating brand image, because the brand is already international use brands and everyone know about the brands.

Regarding the famous sports brands such as Nike and Adidas, at a glance it seems that both of the brands are very easy to create brand image and awareness among people, but what is the reason behind the success, is the Integrated Marketing Communication. Both of the brands have done a massive promotion, advertisement, and marketing strategy and what is the implication, both brands is now become international recognized and international use and standards brands. The Achievement of both brands cannot be separated also by the five communication effects are the Category Need, Brand Awareness, Brand Attitude, Brand Purchase Intention and purchase facilitation. Without the great communication effect, it is impossible to construct strong brand awareness in people’s mind.


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