The Five Principles of Pancasila

1. Believe in the one and the only God
– Believe in one God
– Respect each other
– Tolerance
– Diversity in religion
– Freedom to choose religion

2. Just and civilized Humanity
– The points is Human Rights

3. Unity of Indonesia

4. Democracy guided by inner wisdom in unanimity arising out deliberation among representative
– Equality of citizenship : Treat all people equal
– Meeting popular need : Politically
– Pluralism & compromise : Assumes diversity and plurality within society as well as equality
– Guaranteeing basic freedoms : Protect basic freedom
– Societal renewal : Ensure societal and generation renewal
– Abraham Lincoln,”Government from the people, by the people and for the people”
a. The stress upon the people implies political equality,an equal distribution of political power& influence
b. Govt by the people emphasizes the importance of popular participant
c. Govt for the people highlights the facts democracy suggest rule in the public interest
– Democracy is a form of govt whether highest sovereignity lies in the hand of the people, executed directly by the people, or through their representatives were elected in the course of free and fair general election
– Understanding Democracy
a. Procedural Dem.: Strictly related to the political system such as Govt, Law & Power
b. Substantial Dem.: By assesing set of ideas, principal & values (more comprehensive)

5. Social justice for the people of Indonesia
– Social Rights
1. Rights for Food 5. Rights for Housing
2. Rights for Health 6. Rights for Education
3. Rights for Adequate Standard of Life 7. Rights for Participate in Cultural Life
4. Rights for Social Security

– Economic Justice
1. Rights to Work
2. Rights to Strike
3. Rights to Equal Income Distribution
4. Rights to Equal Pay for Equal Work

Herry A Pradana – Civic Education


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