Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

first time i saw the ads about this gadget i just knew, soon (by means the day after tomorrow :p ) i will buy it for sure. relatively low price with so many to offer is becoming the greatest attraction of this gadget.

let me begin my personal opinion after i use this tab 2 7.0….

Display…with the relatively low price, you cannot expect much, but samsung offer great display with 170ppi density…for perfect n efficient battery use i normally kept the brightness no more than 30%, its not so good but if i set to 100% you’ll be surprise of this gadget can do!

Speed…i have tried several themes n the result is vary among them, my best n fav theme is nova launcher, it gave me the perfect layout, smooth transition n no its free!

Design… i just love my 7.0 tab coz it has sleek design n fit perfectly on my pocket, still weird if i use as phone without hands-free, overall i love the design, stylish, and love the color

additional package… I wish i dont have to buy another softcase for the tab, and hopefully samsung consider to give away a longer cable data to be plug to the charger

overall out of 10 i gave 9 to my galaxy tab 2 7.0, probably its very subjective but honestly i satisfied… relatively cheap, awesome design, n superb functionality


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