Short review on #PPAN2013 Selection Process

Day 1:
Amongst 104 people registered until april 10, 2013, less than 80 who re-register their participation on the selection.
Writing Test….
This test is probably the most difficult test since it goes with General Knowledge Test, Academic Test (logic & Math) supported by 1 Page of Essay with pretty much unfamiliar topic for most 75% of the participant. Most of the participants are even unable to answer 50% of the general test question. Probably this is the test that mostly drags the participant out of the competition on the first day
Essay Writing: For the next PPAN selection, please improve all your writing skills, in terms of vocabulary, grammar thingy and the most important thing is familiar with the standard of writing (at least consist of background, content, suggestion, recommendation and/ solution). The essay test is not a formal writing, but you should consider writing accordingly, not like writing on your diary or Facebook statuses. So…for those who have passed this test, “AT LEAST” you are qualified on those requirements, but only 10% who are really understand what is essay writing supposed to be. So do better next year guys!

Individual Interview….
Every section has their own criteria in giving score…but for most, it goes with the ability of the participant to understand the real issue raised by the interviewer, also the case of your adaptability and flexibility comprehending the situation on the program.
Content of the Program….you should be able to understand the nature of every program offered. Every program have their own uniqueness and characteristics. The chosen one are the one who fit all the criteria of the program.
Attitude, Manner and Personality….its always hard knowing the inside of someone’s mind within 10 minutes, but that’s the pressure for the adjudicators. The participant should know that, there are no right or wrong to answer the question, its all about your perspective and judgement on what should do or shouldn’t do based on the values and norms we had as an Indonesian and Banjarese.
General Knowledge…. This is an absolute point of how the judges knowing how depth your knowledge of Indonesia, International Issue and South Kalimantan. Read before speak, listen before act, and watch before you judge.
English Capability….the judges are expecting you to show them your skills in delivering information clearly and for some extend convincingly. So don’t expect yourself to pass this part without having a good presentation. Eye contact, gesture and body language are some technicalities that you should put on concern if you want to get a good score

Group Performances…. Dominant, persistent, indifferent, and stubborn and teamwork are likely to be seen in this test. Yes the outcome is still the performance, but the process is also being watched carefully by the judges.
Panel Interview….in this part, some of the “let say” underdog are showing their best, while those who are really good in day 1 are caught by their nerves and having cold feet. Loosen up a bit, you are facing 7 judges, all you need to do is answering the question honestly. Why honestly is the main part not correctly, it is as simple as a word called “consistency”, since honesty will lead to your perspective, while correctly may be different with the value you believe.

Do your Best…and Let God Do The Rest….


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