Matter, Manner, Method… Which Type of Debaters Are You?

Its interesting watching today’s debate in high school whereas they are successfully fulfilling their job as debaters within 7 minutes and 20 seconds’ period. At my age back in 2003, I was struggling so hard just to pass 5 minutes at UNI debate! Kids nowadays surely have more potential than some old hags’ debater. Anyway….during my practice ages ago, most of my seniors and coaches emphasized more on matters, they believe that if we have an advantage of knowing more facts and figures, we will be able to do more in a competition. At that time I do lots of reading, days and nights, during classes, even when I’m on a date!

My favorites debate are economics and humanity-typed of motions, and I’m glad I choose to like those part, since it contribute a lot to my works right now. Now back to debate technicalities, I, myself consider myself as matter-typed of debaters as my origin ancestor of debate taught me so hwhehhe… but right now I realized that matters and manners are considered to be embodied and crystalized within debaters ability, one thing that may differentiate the winners and losers is the method… Whether it is tricky debate, semi-tricky debate, bold-typed debate, etc… strategy is the most important thing to be put as a priority.

The ability to define the motion as it is, at the same time gave you more chances to win, Team split that allows our teammate to develop the case perfectly, Good responses toward opposition’ case, anticipation strategy that allows your team to prepare a counter case and lead the debate into area that your team have the most advantage on it. I believe those thing defines a debaters as a top level debaters beyond anyone else.

so… Which one are you?



    1. first define the act of terrorism and how its operate, then you have to explain what sort of action that is acceptable, how does the violation of human rights will be justified… does ends justify the means? well thats the short version of how the debate should be

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