Diskusi Publik Nasional ” Pemilu, Pemilukada dan penguatan Peran MK Sebagai Lembaga Peradilan yang Legitimit

a fine saturday morning complete its perfection by hosting a super cool event with Deputy Ministry of Law and Human Rights Deny Indrayana and Head of Banjar Regency-Sultan Khairul Saleh as the Keynote Speaker with an addition of Deputy of Indonesian Supreme Court-Prof Arief and Director of Unlam’ Doctoral Program-Dr. Effendy as the Key Speaker.

supreme court of justice is the most trusted court in indonesia, well at least a year ago…they made an awesome breakthrough in law by not proposing a conventional law to prosecute white collar criminals, but the use a modern law approach….at that time most of breakthrough are appreciated by society, academician and law officer…everyone are happy….

but soon after Akil Mochtar case, in which he is suspected to broke several law through bribery and blackmail…as every single steps that the supreme court of justice make (as the called breakthrough in law), soon people are questioning every action, every decision, and every breakthrough they made as action to make the law are easy for the criminals.

yet…the supreme court is in dilemma (quoted from the keynote speaker’ paper), whether they should prosecute the case with style (read: breakthrough in law), or stick with the conventional law at the moment…

its the matter of choice…law is a law, but supreme court is made for a purpose!


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