Dream Big…. J-Stadium is Waiting

on december 2013 i got called from my boss, he said that The Ministry of Research and technology will conducting a selection for intermediary training in Germany for a month… at that time there are 2 candidates from the office nominated by my boss and luckily I’m the one that being chosen to represent South Kalimantan.

The story continues…
the journey starts from my trip to Puspiptek Serpong to have 4 days of training and on the 5th day we’re having a final test for the selection.

4 days of training for intermediary thingy is not new for me, since i already experience in business development, and yes most of the materials on the training comprehend the area of business development and some planning.

a day before the final, the coach ask us to create a project and present it in front of the panel adjudicators and all communication and presentation will be presented in english (I’m so glad since i do have a strong communication skills in english) and the result shows that amongst all participant, my name was on the first on the rank and I got the exclusive tickets to Germany… YEYYYY!!!

as time goes by, the training supposed to be planned on mid of march but things getting complicated and finally after a long waiting…buffering…hoping… process, I got info and ask to go to jakarta again to have the briefing for the German trip and rearrange for visa interview few days later…

well i got Berlin ticket on my hand…financial guarantee statement, apartment bookings, pocket money, and the invitation letter from the company in Berlin…

i suppose to leave on late august…not so much of summer and more on fall…but the weather is perfect…

lots of plan in Europe… Olympia Stadium, Bradenburg Gate, Postdamer Platz, Berlin wall, Allianz Arena in Muenchen…. fly to Amsterdam…Go to Paris… maybe if I’m lucky i can go to Switzerland and go to a place that my hero once stay for a long season playing what he does best…football… and yes I’m going to Italy! Turin in particular…JUVENTUS STADIUM!!! that is my ultimate plan in Europe…

well lots of plan… but first thing first.. i need to finish the training, homeworks projects, some research… lots of works yes! but it worth J-Stadium


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