Month: August 2014

Finally Germany!

well its been around 8 months since the announcement of I am getting a short course scholarship on december….

well its on Sunday, August 24 i Arrive in Berlin and soon after i get out of the plane…the 11 degrees cold weather caught me. its strange weather since its summer, so its a cold summer!

it took 15 mins drive from berlin airport to Vega ApartHotel the place where I am staying, its a nice cozy apartment, love my room, the bathroom and even the kitchen!

soon after getting into apartment, I am heading for a moray morning walk, its fun finally get my feet outside Indonesia!

Berlin has lots to offer, Brandenburg gate, Potsdam Platz, Reichstag Building, Charlottenburg Palace, and may more!

lots to catchup, but I’m sure there’s enough time for berlin icons!