Month: March 2015

Love you paris (part 2)

Guess what?! i can’t find any place to crash…. all hotel near the central of paris are too expensive, at least i shut pay around 350 Euro per night, i walked around Champs-Elysees try to get free wifi (a cup of coffee at the cafe) to get all information, but none available… i took Hop on Hop off to get myself to the most famous places in paris, such as Eiffel tower, Champ de Mars, Opera Garnier, Louvre-Pyramide, Louvre-Pont des Arts, Notre-Dame, Musee d’Orsay, Champs-Elysees, Grand Palais, and Trocadero. i must says, 1 day visiting those 10places is certainly not enough, but good price though (29 Euros for whole day).

well…lets forget it for now…its Saturday night! and I’m spending my lovely evening at the most romantic n beautiful city on earth “Paris”… i start my Saturday night with some style…. going around expensive boutique (of course not to buy-sadly) and spoilt myself with a nice coffee shop around that area…lots of beautiful girls hanging’ around and some beautiful boys also (i can’t believe i say it, but yes they’re pretty boys) with the beautiful and awesome dress!

a week before i spent my Saturday night at Prague, Czech Republic (the story will be shared asap), now I’m in paris….its quite expensive, it took me almost 300 Euros just for the plane tickets, and spent another few hundreds for 2 days staying in paris…

i got some souvenirs, taste some nice coffee, meets some new friends…enjoy the evening… i love my life!!

its 10PM, and I’m not sure whether its late at night or not, coz it seems that the city never sleep…more people comes, it gets crowded, some street performance, and some crazy dude hanging out with beers (of course)

i met some australians and (probably, not sure though) koreans, spend the night talking about their experience do backpacking…it was fun…real fun!

its 11.30PM and i still couldn’t find any place to crash, unfortunately some new friends that i met, don’t have spare room, they even bring some tent with them…

finally after sometime, I plan to go back to the airport and decide to stay there during the night, i took a subway, and waiting for the train, but then again, there was a crazy thought, how about i just sleep here? at the subway station…hell yeah! its cheaper, more simple and yet practical!

i can’t sleep!!! its too cold, windy subway! it took me 3 hours to get an hour of sleep…crazy! feel tired, exhausted, but I’m pretty pleased! i met some crazy drunk douche that try to kick me out of the subway, i fought back, thanks got i bring my camera tripod (a big one), after 5 minutes do some trash talk, he took off, and thanks to some officers also help!

its Sunday! after a long exhausted day and night its finally new day in paris, and again I start my day to go to eiffel and decide to take my chance to go to the top of the tower! spent the time on the flea market around the area…beautiful morning, and pretty cold for a summer…

time to go back…another 45 mins back to orly airport…sadly, i have to leave this beautiful city

my adventure in paris just ended, but i do believe its just a beginning of much more interesting starts of my backpacking journey…..


love you paris… (part 1)

its 5PM in the evening and i just finished training’ visit from humboldt university Adlershoff, Berlin and Im rushing back to my apartment to take a quick bath and get my backpack then go to the Schonofeld Airport. I took a budget airlines “EasyJet” and sadly i don’t get cheap ticket, it was EUR288 (not so much for budget Airlines). anyway…It took 45 minutes to get back from Steinplatz to Uhlandstrase, get packed and went to zoologischer garten and took RB7 to the airport.  it was a nice view from my window on the way to the airport.

the plane was on time, im leaving berlin around 9pm to Paris for 1.5hrs flight, and by 10.30 i finally step to one of the most beautiful city in the world, PARIS!! well not yet actually, still at the Orly airport, its around 30 mins drive from the centre of the city.

well it was 11pm and no place to go, so Im staying at the airport, accompanied by 24hrs of free wifi connectivity. trying to get all the information from internet, and it was a good call. finally after a long waiting and surfing all over the world (from the internet)… its 6am in the morning, and im ready to roll! take a bus to denfert rocheau then take the M6 to bir hakiem (eiffel tour) its only 30 minutes then im in eiffel!!!!

lots of crazy feeling at that moment, happy, excited, overwhelmed, enthusiast, its mixed feeling!

the queuing was just crazy! by the time the eiffel tickets are open, thousands of people are just queuing!

the plan was simple, going to the top of the eiffel and take the photos! but its just crazy, it took me 20 mins queuing… (fyi i alreaady got my feet on eiffel area on 7AM!) and it took another 10 mins to get to the top of eiffel, it was scary and yet so excited at the same time.

the one that surprise me a lot is that I met John White, one of the relatives of my australian host family. last time we met was in australia and it was 10 years ago, and now we’re catching up in paris! super cool way to meet and greet!

after eiffel its done, its Louvre and Ponts des Arts!!!

louvre is just amazingly awesome, not so much words for that. summer in paris is pretty hot but still the cool winds are arounds, so perfect summer!!!!

and ponts des arts also just 2 mins away by foot from louvre. the legends were told that if we put our lock in that bridge and throw the key away to the river it will lock our love forever to who ever we wish…. well i did that, locking it and wishing to get my love last forever…

to be continue…paris eiffel