my journey, my adventure

it was start with curiousness… i’ve seen so many good friends enjoying their new adventure abroad, either studying or short course. I keep questioning myself, when is my turn?this simple question emerges in 2013 and keeps haunting me. the first step i took was asking people, friends, browse the information online. then finally i had my chance, i was chosen by my institution representing them at national business intermediary training hosted by the Indonesian ministry of research and technology, supported by business and technology centre.

I was the first winner at the business model development’ mini competition and granted a place to attend the expert intermediary training in Berlin, Germany. I went there on august 2014. that was my second journey after Australia back in 2004/2005.

After i went back from Germany, I was thinking; “this is fun”, suddenly all the great memories from the first time i went abroad flashes back… i said to myself, I have to do it again, and soon!

I decide to continue studying and applying for scholarship. i was applying for AAI scholarship (Australia), i applied on 2014, but i was too confident and resulted me making an error. in short i apply for master by research instead of master by coursework or combination (this part of story will be shared later).

then, on 2015 i decide to re-apply the AAI scholarship together with Fulbright. it was a long exhausted year with all the interviews, tests (IELTS, IBT, GRE, GMAT), and all the writings, but it was worth everything!

it was a a great Thursday afternoon, when me and some folks are ready to go to karaoke i got the email from Fulbright, i was shortlisted! and few weeks after that on a nice Friday evening, with perfect weather and I am ready to procrastinating for the whole weekend, then the email popped up says, I got shortlisted for AAI scholarship with Melbourne and Sydney University are the most probable destination.

so I was in dillema situation of choosing the sponsor (i’ll share the story later), but in the end I choose Fulbright. then my new adventure has started!


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