I promised myself (part one)

It’s been a while since my last post, not because I’m too lazy to write something (well kind of), but also I was preoccupied with lots of works, assignments, family chores, and many more, but here I am now.

I wrote “my dreams” and break it into several parts coz it’s too long to be written in one post. this part, I’ll share the stories about life before I left to the US for pursuing my master’s degree.

I saw my friends continuing their study abroad and left me wonder, why am i not do that? what am I afraid of? am I too comfortable with my life now? am I not ready for a new challenge? am I afraid to fail?

I keep questioning myself, and not doing anything, until 2014…

It was a fine bright afternoon, after lunch time if I can recall, when the secretary of the research institution that I worked for telling there is an opening for scholarship to Germany. I was surprised when he told me about the scholarship, given the beau racy in Indonesian’ government institution that usually prefer relatives or family for something big like this. Anyway, long story short, I get the scholarship fair and square (I won the first place on the competition).

But that’s not the part of story that I wanted to share, it’s about the feeling, the adrenaline, the excitement that rushes through my veins…it’s the exact same feelings like the first time I went to Australia, now after 10 years finally I can fulfil my promise that I made a while back that I’ll go to Europe one day!

After I returned from Germany, I was trusted to several responsibilities and projects in my provinces (I’ll get back later to tell the whole story), but the excitement never stopped! Inside my head, I promised myself that I’m going to pursue my master abroad! Australia was my first option, but somehow at the last minutes, my heart chooses US for my next destination


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