I Promised Myself (part two- AAI *end)

It was around late November 2015, i received an email confirmation that I am one of the applicant that is eligible for the next round of the AAI scholarship.

The next step after documents review was IELTS and Interview.

I remember, i did not put lots of effort for IELTS since my last test was more than enough, but I prepare myself for the interview. I dedicated my time reviewing my application, writings, and some other details on my resume and making sure there will be no room for an error.

IELTS test went well as expected. The interview was a little bit intense! I was asked why I’m interested in social venture, community empowerment and business incubation for small medium enterprises. I remember I was one of the applicant that being interviewed slightly longer than others. The referees were also asking about my track record (grades and activities) when I was in undergrad. One of the referee was asking about my grade on Introduction to Microeconomics (i got an “F” for that subject, because I was skipping the final exam for national debate competition). However, after I explain the reason why I failed the subject, they nod and showing their appreciation. Some other questions were around university choices and the major I choose, pretty standard but it requires great amount of practice to be able to answer the question systematically, ¬†calmly, and the most important, confidently.

Long story short, on February I was shortlisted as the recipient of AAI scholarship with University of Melbourne and University of Sydney as my future destination. I was sooo excited, thrilled, and challenged. Lots of emotion involved considering I failed last year and getting back on my feet was a little bit tricky!

However…. after considering my options and few other things, I decided to decline the scholarship (this part of the story will be shared later)